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Toppoki Man

Posted on August 29, 2014

So my boyfriend and I went to Talamban to watch their friends play dota but before we went to meet up with them, we decided to have dinner first. We went to Rosedale, an arcade right beside USC Talamban Campus and found Toppoki Man and gave it a try.


Honestly, I didn’t know what to order since everything in the menu seems so yummy but my wallet is crying at all my food tripping.



While waiting for our order, I drew a panda. I just love Pandas, don’t you?



Kimchi and Pickles for appetizers.



Their Ramen reminds me of Shin Ramyun.



Spicy rice cakes, Toppoki!! *Droool*




One of the best Kimbob I ever had.


Dakang Jung

Saving the best for last, Dakang Jung, my favorite.


Rating Toppokiman, I say it is 9/10 over all since it is very delicious. I have no negative feedback and will come back again and again. :)