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Sulbing Dessert Cafe

Posted on November 22, 2015

On a hot Sunday afternoon, my sister wanted to try Subling located in Countrymall Banilad. I was also craving for sweets and so I went along with the plan. I heard of Subling and thought it might be like a Korean halo-halo. As we arrived and went inside to order, I was drooling over the Subling’s menu display. It is also good for about 3 to 5 persons.





Coffee Subling



Since they did not have Mango Cheese, we ordered the Oreo and Injeolmi.


Injeolmi Subling

Injeolmi tastes nutting, my sisters and boyfriend who loves to eat peanut butter likes this. I am okay with the taste as well.



Oreo Subling is sweet and it satisfied my cravings.


Besides, the Subling they also serve coffee and fraps. I will for sure come back to taste the other Subling they have on their menu.